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Tuesday, October 10, 6pm – 8pm, R Gallery & Wine Bar

Future Visions: Intersections of Art and AI with Ed Narvaez and Jeno

Get ready for a thought-provoking exploration of the convergence between Art and Artificial Intelligence. Join our intrepid leaders, Ed & Jeno, as they lead us through an engaging discussion of how AI can support your creativity while also supporting the business of presenting your work.   

Have you ever wondered:

– What role does AI play in the world of art?

– Should we fear AI’s involvement in the creative process?

– Is embracing AI the future of art?

– Can AI truly be an advantage for artists?

If these questions intrigue you, this event is a must-attend!  

Calling all artists!  If you’re eager to harness the power of technology to elevate your artistic expression, this event is calling for you. Discover how to:

  •  Create AI-generated images using your own artwork as a starting point.
  •  Generate stunning AI art from a simple prompt.
  •  Explore the concept of AI-generated prompts as an art form in itself.

We’ll also dive into how AI can help you promote and sell your art by assisting with supporting activities – especially any tasks that involve writing:

  • Learn how you can use ChatGPT to enhance your social media presence, craft compelling blogs, name your art, and even aid in letter writing and grant applications
  • ChatGPT can be your creative companion, helping you craft stories, descriptions, and narratives that resonate with your audience

Prepare to be inspired, educated, and captivated by the limitless possibilities when art and AI converge.  

Mark your calendars for this unique gathering of creative minds. Let’s delve into the future of art together!