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Tuesday, June 13 6pm – 8pm, R Gallery & Wine Bar

BAA Member Meeting: Mastering the Art of Social Media with Sam Hauser

Sam Hauser, a local painter and social media whiz, will give a presentation about how artists can use platforms like Instagram and Facebook to enhance their career. Learn how to effectively master the art of social platforms and create an engaging digital gallery for the world to enjoy. Sam will teach the group how to organize easy, time-saving strategies to accomplish all of your social media goals. The presentation will focus on Instagram, but also touch on Facebook, and TikTok. Bring your questions and get ready to unlock the true potential of social media for artistic success!

Artist Bio: Sam Hauser is a boundary-pushing artist with a background in classical oil painting and a passion for batik fiber art. Through unconventional color palettes and layering techniques, she explores the dynamic interplay between abstraction and realism. By juxtaposing finely rendered forms against abstract color fields, Sam’s work activates the subconscious and invites viewers to contemplate the complexities of human experience.