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Tuesday, February 13, 6pm – 8pm, R Gallery + Wine Bar (2027 Broadway, Boulder)

Boulder Art Association presents an evening with Boulder Artist Nathan Hutchinson on How Creativity Can Cultivate Environmental Action.

Nathan became an artist due to his devout interest in the environmental movement, and his desire to help out our natural world.  He uses art as a means for a sort of activism, beginning in one’s psychological environment, and extending out naturally into the planetary environment.

Nathan believes being a force of change is at the origin of any sort of art.  Art in its deepest sense is an aid to help open our minds to a broader perception of life and the inherent potential of society to be unified in a peaceful coexistence with our surrounding world. Art is a bridge between many things, both seen and unseen.

Drawing from ancient and modern conceptions he will share his journey of study through a wide variety of inspirations, styles, genres and mediums; and the places both wild and within that inform his work.

The focus will be “Evergreen,” the book he recently published after 20+ years of work to contribute to the environmental movement.  It is a dedicated work of love, of his images and words; and a culmination thus far of efforts to promote a deeper sense of our much needed but currently lacking, yet modernly arising – ecological awareness. 95% of profits will be donated to specific non-profit organizations which are helping our last remaining old-growth forests. 

Nathan will review the challenges and successes of the GoFundMe campaign he set up to get community participation in this self-published adventure.  Copies of the book will be for sale as well as selected art prints.  Nathan looks forward to this great opportunity to share with his fellow artists here in Boulder.