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Xenia Sease

Xenia Sease

Contemporary Realist Painter


Artist Statement:

The way the light shines across a surface or weaves through objects, and the resulting shadow shapes and variation of colors in response to the play of light in any particular scene beckon me visually. But what often compels me to paint a place, a thing or being is when it triggers a visceral reaction in me or lingers in my heart and mind (even when I’m no longer looking at it), and I find it difficult to ignore. 

As a contemporary realist painter, I find inspiration in a broad range of subjects, from a single flower to a vast landscape, each providing a moment of peace, joy, respite, reflection, or wonder. Using pastel painting as my primary art form and painting both in the studio and “en plein air”, I aim to capture the inherent beauty I see in my subject and the feelings it evokes in me.