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Xan Rubey

If I were a Game of Thrones character, my prior titles would include: Server of Ice Cream, Fabricator of Advertising Fictions, Corrector of Misspelled Words, Counselor of Handi-capable Youth, Purveyor of Books, Seller of Toys and Queen of Office Dwellers, plus my current titles: Lady of House Rubey, Mother of an Untamed Ginger, Mother of Danes, Collector of Crap, Connoisseur of Expletives, and finally, Blogger at Xanaru, Artist, and Fuckabout. (i.e. one who just sort of … fucks about. For a living).

The plan is to use my blog and my artwork to build a vibrant community of weirdos, loons and witty misfits. I want Xanaru to be a launching point for friendships and creative collaborations and if I’m being honest, some snarky debates because I enjoy those too.

I will create whimsical hand-painted purses, pet portraits and sculptures. I will write diverting and delightful stories like That Time I Nearly Killed 12 Girls at a Birthday Party and How to Electrocute Your Sister in Law. Readers will comment, share opinions and banter back and forth; eventually our society catches the eye of a book publisher which leads to a massively best-selling humorous memoir and grows our community exponentially until we take over the world. In a good way, not a sinister way with maniacal finger-tenting or weird, hairless cats.

And that is how my blog/artwork brings about world peace — by sharing my quest for happiness through connection, Great Danes and indiscriminate swearing.