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volunteering with the baa chairs & committees

Volunteering with the BAA
Chairs & Committees

Interested in doing more? We are always excited about welcoming new volunteers! Read below for details about open positions in our eclectic, growing organization.

Secretary Chair Responsibilities
Board Meetings
Attend Board Meetings (Note: Board Mtgs occur approximately once/month – more or less depending on events and/or need)
Take minutes at BAA board meetings
Save minutes/notes in BAA Google Drive Folder
Maintain a record of meetings and other important information
Share meeting notes with the Board (email notification and link)
Read & respond to email pertaining to the board
Make suggestions, share ideas and thoughts – Be proactive!
Enjoy connecting with other members of the board – support your “team” of artists keeping the BAA fresh, current and thriving!

Education Committee Responsibilities
Member Meetings
Work with Chair to identify presenters for monthly meetings
Help with contacting potential presenters and writing up supply lists
Assist with organizing, storing, setting up  supplies for meetings
Alternate/support Chair arriving 15 – 30 minutes early as needed to set up materials, greet & support presenter
Volunteer for specific tasks, such as running the projector, researching presentations or materials, prepping supplies…
Summer Art Events
Support Chair with organizing field trips to local museums, plein air evenst  or other art venues
Education Committee Meetings
Attend meetings as needed and arranged by Chair
Read & respond to email pertaining to Education
Make suggestions, share ideas and thoughts – Be proactive!
Enjoy connecting with other members of your committee – support your “team” of artists keeping the BAA fresh, current and thriving!

Exhibition Committee Responsibilities
Exhibition Committee Meetings
Attend ExComm meetings
Volunteer for tasks according to skill sets, availability
Research, discuss possible exhibits: locations, dates, expenses
Research, plan, write up requirements and details
List supplies, duties, volunteers needed for exhibits
Write up details to present to BAA Board
Support & communicate with Chair
Read & respond to Chair emails
Be proactive!
Create/print/post posters, signs, flyers
Be integral part of setting up & taking down show
Be present during show as scheduled
Answer questions from artists, members & visitors before & during show
Support Exhibit Chair
Maintain positive communication with all with artists & visitors
Note what worked & what did not work for future exhibits

Marketing Committee Responsibilities
Attend meetings
Support Chair with setting up/organizing mtgs as needed
Take on one (or more!) marketing tasks
Participate in discussions, share ideas, be proactive
Online presence: Take on one or more!
Website updates for meetings, notices…
MailChimp notices/updates, announcements for subscribers
Shows/Exhibitions (Along with Exhibition Chair & Exhibition Committee volunteers)
Work with the Exhibition Committee
Research, price advertising, and promotional materials
Research/contact potential sponsors
Gather info, images, etc. for sponsors, donations
Advertise for a show with an online presence
Create/print/post posters, signs, flyers

Venue Lead
Communicate with owners/managers with regards their venue
Communicate with volunteers in charge of specific venues
Research potential venues: Restaurants, cafes, businesses…
Organize/prepare information to share at Member Meetings and for Marketing: Location, venue preferences for type of art, photos of display space, number/size of art that can be displayed… Does the venue support Openings & other details
Create a schedule: Every 2-3 months if possible
Share information with Board via email (Attend Board Meetings as needed)
Present brief updates and opportunities at member meetings
Check with Membership Chair to make sure artists are current members of the BAA
Maintain contact with venue representatives
Remind artist/s of their turn to put up/take down art
Support artists as needed with venue/artist communication
Take photos or ask artists to take photos and share with Marketing Chair