mixed media


Jennifer Willoughby

In an endeavor to bring her life’s work full circle, Jennifer is in the process of rediscovering the bliss and jubilation of using all the colors in her big box of crayons.

BAA June 2021 Member Meeting

Member Meeting June 8, 2021

Jessica walks you through the entire creative process of assembling a collage so that you can make a signature masterpiece of your own. Jessica provides lots of advice for how to make these decisions along the way. This is a perfect class for beginners and those who want to tap into their creativity.


Astrid Paustian

I work in oil, pastel, mixed media, and on silk, enjoying the bright, vivid colors and textures these mediums provide.

Xan Rubey

The plan is to use my blog and my artwork to build a vibrant community of weirdos, loons and witty misfits

Didier Delepine

Didier Delepine

I was born in Montmartre in the late 1940s. At that time, painters were setting their easels at many street corners in the neighborhood.

Elizabeth Carney

Elizabeth Carney

Growing up I wanted to be an Artist, and I completed the Studio Arts program at Iowa State University in 2010 with a BFA. I am classically trained in still life drawing, watercolor painting, photography, & fiber; but cannot resist the allure of digital art and design.

Lynn LiCalsi

Lynn LiCalsi

My art is a means of expression for me, whether I am writing, painting, cutting glass, or creating scarfs. I become absorbed in the process and even obsessed by it.

Gail Pederson

Gail re-entered the world of painting a few years ago. She spent her childhood coloring in any coloring book she could find, along with free-handing her favorite themes of dogs, clouds, trees and flowers.

Archie Millard - Mixed Media Artist

Archie Millard

Archie’s black and white pen and ink work comes together as a multi-faceted mirror reflecting their own questions and anxieties about the evolution of life, the inevitability of death, and the purpose of either in the vast unknowns of our universe


Nikita Coulombe

What drives me to paint is a sense of impermanence and a belief that there is no better way to be in the present moment than through art, either by creating it or experiencing it.