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Gail Pederson

Gail re-entered the world of painting a few years ago. She spent her childhood coloring in any coloring book she could find, along with free-handing her favorite themes of dogs, clouds, trees and flowers.

Charles Alkula

Charles Alkula

My approach to the making of art takes as its point of origin the awareness that I am about to do something which is unexpected and undiscovered until it reveals itself to me.


Nikita Coulombe

What drives me to paint is a sense of impermanence and a belief that there is no better way to be in the present moment than through art, either by creating it or experiencing it.

Cyndy Hinkelman-Smith

Cyndy Hinkelman-Smith

As an artist my hope is to bring joy and inspiration into the lives of others with my paintings. I started painting with acrylics a few years ago and fell in love with the process and journey of each painting – playing with color, shapes, textures, tools and subject matter

Minna Vallentine

I’ve dabbled in various art forms for many years but I started creating fused glass pieces in 2014, shortly after I retired and moved to Boulder, CO.

Judy Fisher

Judy T Fisher

My Granite Series consists of extreme close-ups to capture the hidden colors, textures and shapes that a broader view might pass over.

Nancy Sullo

I respond to impressions of the world around me through my figurative and landscape watercolor painting

Justin Deister

Justin Deister

When I asked about a career in biology, my 8th grade teacher said I’d have to learn the Latin names for grasshoppers and study the digestive systems of every animal – which pretty much ruined the whole biology thing.

Margaret Donharl

My process involves applying paint and glazes onto recycled hardwood doors using my own hand cut stencils. Building layers of luminous color, pattern, and organic forms