Lael Har - BAA member meeting 4/13 6pm

April Member Meeting

The Boulder Art Association Presents: Abstract Colorado Landscape Painting Workshop.When: April Member Meeting (4/13 at 6 pm)

Where: Zoom – Register in advance for this meeting.

Adam Rubey Hare of the Dog

Adam Rubey

Playing with lovable critters and mischievous characters has been a relaxing distraction during the pandemic that I hope everyone will enjoy

Blaise Simonelli

Blaise Simonelli

As certain pieces sparked my appreciation and love for art, I found myself envying these talented painters. Seeing an easel spattered with paint truly drew my attention, it was like having a past life experience. I had never really dreamed of what it would feel like to put paint on a canvas until that moment.

Angie Baker Mural

angie Baker

With my early painting inspiration coming from illustrators and muralists such as, Maxfield Parrish, a painter of fantastical landscapes, cloud formations and vibrant colors

Cyndy Hinkelman-Smith

Cyndy Hinkelman-Smith

As an artist my hope is to bring joy and inspiration into the lives of others with my paintings. I started painting with acrylics a few years ago and fell in love with the process and journey of each painting – playing with color, shapes, textures, tools and subject matter

Judy Fisher

Judy T Fisher

My Granite Series consists of extreme close-ups to capture the hidden colors, textures and shapes that a broader view might pass over.

Jeanne Kipke

For far too many years, while working full-time as an elementary school teacher, I allowed art to become a low priority in my life. I still felt like an artist – until I didn’t.

Margaret Donharl

My process involves applying paint and glazes onto recycled hardwood doors using my own hand cut stencils. Building layers of luminous color, pattern, and organic forms

Lori Mattina

Passionate about celebrating life through painting, I find joy in experimenting with acrylics and mixed media.