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Susan Tousley



Instagram: @SusanTousleyArt

Facebook: Susan Unkel Tousley Art

Phone: (703) 472-9000


As an artist, my story is deeply rooted in my family heritage. Growing up, my mother was a constant source of inspiration and instilled in me a love for the creative process. She was the most influential person in my life. With a long line of artists in my family, it is clear that art runs in my blood. My contemporary style is a reflection of my need for self-expression and introspection. I work primarily with acrylic paints, layering vibrant colors to bring my ideas to life. My approach often involves finding objects or subjects within the paint that I can build on. Each layer adds depth and meaning to the piece, taking it in new and unexpected directions. I am constantly exploring the limitless possibilities of color and form, always striving to create something truly unique and meaningful. I find the process of painting to be therapeutic. I would say, it’s meditative, allowing me to lose myself in the moment. Private collectors of my work can be found throughout the United States. I have also enjoyed illustrating a children’s book that is now published.