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Showing Now through July 17 at Cafe Aion

Boulder Art Association Presents Deb Stanger featured on the BAA Artist Wall at Cafe Aion

Currently showing now through July 17, 2023. Visit Cafe Aion at 1235 Pennsylvania Ave in Boulder for this curated exhibit featuring art from Deb Stanger (@creativecalling now) and curated by Jeno.

Artist Bio: My passion for the beauty of art started when I was very young. I could spend hours drawing in my bedroom and imagining what to create next. My mother was a saint for letting me use her plates for paint palettes and the mixer to mix paste paper. As I grew older, my intense desire to always be creating just grew. I admired both of my Grandmothers who were artists in their own right. My Grandma Dauenbaugh did leather tooling and wove beautiful rugs which she sold. My Grandma Hayes was an intricate china painter. I could stand for hours staring in the china cabinet at each beautiful hand painted piece. I followed my calling and became an art teacher where the love of art and importance of art in everyone’s life was made apparent. I am grateful for what I learned about art and about people in those years of teaching. I will always be an advocate for the arts in all schools. Today I am a full time artist where each day I have the privilege of painting. My art is continually evolving, just as I am as a person. Each day brings new beginnings, new hope, and new vision. Much of my art is inspired by the great outdoors and its landscapes and the love I have for animals big and small. My work is an ongoing reflection of new growth as it portrays my life experiences and dreams. I love it that my paintings have been described as “boldly beautiful”. Color makes me happy and brings me joy. . My wish is that my art transports the viewer to a place of peace and joy.