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Showing Now through April 8 at Cafe Aion


It’s Elemental: Line, Shape, Color, Contrast
Cafe Aion – Middle School Students 7th & 8th Graders
March 4th – April 8th 2024

Artist Statement
Students in Art 1 worked with line and color to create expressive animal portraits. After practicing with blind and modified contour lines, students created compositions that docs on an important animal. They then blended and layered oil pastels and chose colors that created a mood for their work. 

Another class of Art 1 students worked hard to simplify shapes and create balance in a Notan design. Notan is a concept that aims for balance and harmony. In these cut-outs, you will see how black & white contrast and balance each other through the play of positive and negative space. Students chose a theme for these pieces and really had to plan carefully to realize their ideas with the understanding of this process in mind. 

Thanks from Casey Middle School Teachers and Students to @Jeno.Art, @BoulderArtAssociation and @CafeAion for organizing this awesome school/community connection and forging great artistic partnerships.

If you have questions please contact Molly Hoverstock, Casey Middle School’s art teacher on Instagram @caseyartroom

Join us as we support the vibrant future of art in Boulder!

The exhibit is curated by Jeno. Interested in showing your art? Click here to apply online today.