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We are thrilled to share some exciting news about R Gallery’s future! Our journey, which began with the mission of championing local artists and establishing a dedicated arts space in downtown Boulder, will continue.

In a dynamic partnership with Open Studios and the invaluable support of the Boulder Arts Association, R Gallery will remain a vibrant hub for showcasing the abundant talent in our community. This collaboration marks a significant evolution, with the gallery operations transitioning to the capable hands of Open Studios and the Boulder Arts Association, two esteemed pillars of the Boulder arts scene.

With these trusted partners at the helm, our gallery secures a permanent space where the arts will continue to thrive in Boulder County. Meanwhile, the bar will experience a transformation under the continued stewardship of Rob Lantz, enhancing our support for the performing arts with an array of live music and captivating performances.

R Gallery remains steadfast in its mission to celebrate and propel the arts, and we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in its journey. This transition presents additional challenges, where your continued support will prove invaluable.

Open Studios and the Boulder Arts Association will require initial funding to cover start-up rent, staffing, and operational expenses for this exciting venture. To that end, they’ve established a donation page, appealing to the community for support to “Save Our Gallery.” Your contributions, no matter the size, are immensely appreciated, and we encourage you to spread the word so that together, we can preserve and evolve this space into the thriving local gallery that Boulder truly deserves.