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Richard Whitman

oils and acrylics


Hi, I’m Richard — I love to paint!  I picked up a brush 20 years ago and began experiencing the joy of watching new realities on canvas. Painting stilled my mind, fed my soul. I began to see beauty and color I often overlooked as I hurried through my busy daily life.

Something wonderful happens while I’m painting.  The world stops and I fall in the present moment.  I feel the suns heat on a Hawaiian beach warming me in the process.  A storm passes through my brush onto canvas. A chilly ocean is whipped in waves, foam, and mist by my palette knife.  A boat appears, tossed around by the wind rushing from my brush to sail, moving clouds across canvas skies.

How does one paint beauty, passion, love found in its many guises in nature, life, creation? For me it starts with feeling the form behind the form.  I step aside as the painting comes to life with its own voice and energy. I’m little more than a conduit, someone holding a paintbrush, perhaps with a look of satisfaction and smile, as I lay down my brush and call it a day.

Be safe out there – Peace & Love Everyone —