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Open Gait Art Parade

Open Gait Art Parade Boulder Colorado

Wednesday, September 28, 2022 NE Corner of Boulder Library @5:30pm

This event is for artists to connect with each other and the community and to bring more of Boulder’s art scene out into the open and hopefully inject a little electricity into it.

All artists are welcome and encouraged to join! Please bring as many paintings as you’d like with a person to carry each piece.

“Open Gait” is a play on words to emphasize no barriers to entry as in “gate” and “gait” meaning the gait cycle of movement.

Please dress in all black and wear white art handlers gloves. We will meet at the NE corner of the Boulder Library at 5:30 pm Wednesday, Sept. 28th.

We will carry our paintings in a procession through the Pearl Street Mall, doing a little loop and we’ll finish at the R Gallery to celebrate!

If you’re planning to join, we’d love to know! Please register at

Karina Vogt