Oct 2015 Member Meeting & Art Critique Discussion - Boulder Art Association

Oct 2015 Member Meeting & Art Critique Discussion

Monthly Member Meeting and Art Critique by Gary Michael

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Meeting Agenda:

  • Socializing 6:30-7:00 pm
  • Business Meeting 7:00-7:30 pm
  • Presentation 7:30-9:00 pm

All are welcome! Come and bring a friend, find out more about the Boulder Art Association. Each meeting begins with socializing with both member and non-member artists, a short business meeting, and then a presentation or demonstration.

Artists want to hear that others like their work. We love it when someone says how great our artwork is, and how much they love it. But, if this is the only perspective we receive, we may be in danger of producing only artwork that pleases people. As artists, we need objective feedback from non-biased individuals who understand art and can give constructive criticism. The October Boulder Art Association member meeting will offer this opportunity.

Denver artist, Gary Michael juries art shows as well as paints.  In our member meeting he will talk about the strengths in art work, how it can be improved and how you can expand your talent or broaden your perspective. All Boulder Art Association members are encouraged to comment on other’s art although Gary will lead the discussion. Gary and Boulder Art Association president Sharon Samson reviewed the recent Plein Air exhibition at the Mary Williams Gallery.  They did not always agree, but it was a very interesting discussion.

To make get feedback on your art, all members are invited to bring 1 – 2 art pieces (2D or 3D) in any medium where you are in progress or stuck.  Your art will be hung on the gallery walls before the meeting and Gary will review and critique them during member meeting.


Gary Michael Biography

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Gary started drawing as a child. He attended college on a tennis scholarship, and went on to earn multiple postgraduate degrees and become a university professor before retiring from academia to pursue his passion for painting. Visit Gary’s website.

Although he continues to consider Denver his home, Gary divides his time between Colorado and such diverse locations as Mexico, Nepal and Europe. He has earned acclaim as a mountain climber, author and public speaker. Art collectors prize both his landscapes and figurative work.

Gary makes his work available for galleries, private purchase, image reproduction, and commissions. He prefers commissions where the client wants the artist’s vision to influence the painting rather than the photographic reproduction of a scene or person. His original paintings range from $400 to $12,000.

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