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November Member Meeting

Maria Pacca

New Insights into Watercolor – Brushless Painting!
with Maria Pacca

November 8, 2022 from 6-8 pm at R Gallery and Art Bar

Join us for an evening of exploration and adventure with watercolor! You will go home ready to try some of these fun techniques on your own, incorporating them into any style of watercolor painting that you prefer.

Welcome to watercolor with Maria Pacca! Maria believes that watercolor is the most fun medium ever! In her demo, she will introduce you to an aspect of painting with watercolor that is fearless, engaging, easy, and productive. She will show you how to create a complete painting using techniques that do not involve the use of a brush or minimal use of one. Her most important ingredient is to have fun doing it! She will demonstrate the use of pouring liquid paint on wet paper, and creating textures using plastic wrap, salt, and scraping with a credit card. 

Maria Pacca
Pouring Wet Paint