Nicole Morrish

Nicole Morrish

Oil Painter



My Art is an expression of my gratitude I have for my life.

I am a painter.  I paint in oils on paper and canvas.

I am in love with Contemporary Abstract Expressionism and the exploration of color in relation to feelings and emotions, power, resistance and allowance.

My inspiration draws from nature, dreams and the everyday nuggets that I notice in my world; my everyday existence, which could be everyone else’s everyday existence.  Many of my titles reflect my repetitive thoughts, chatter, and epiphanies that consume many people today.  The beauty of this mind narrative expresses itself through my brush and ultimately speaks to the vulnerabilities, strengths and courage of our everyday and how it influences Nature and vice-versa.  I paint abstract color scapes as a way to express the quiet of what can be conceived as a complex environment.  I have expressed this in a series I have been adding to relating to Ancient Peoples Ruins, mainly in the Southwest.

I strive to incorporate my audience to look beneath the surface of my works and in their life experience in general.  Look at the borders, above, below and inward.  Notice the bleeds of the negative space, see the layers of color from one perspective then change the perspective.  Jump in and roll around, touch, feel, sense the experience in its whole.  Let this shared moment of viewing art take you away and bring you back to the present moment with a little bit more… I hope to help facilitate a level of connection through color, depth, line and context.