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Nasim Nourian

Nasim Nourian

Pastel, Charcoal and Acrylic
(with an occasional watercolor)


artist statement

Capturing the light and the darkness in, around and within a subject…a face, a body, an object fascinates me. My inspiration is the light that surrounds even the darkest of spaces. This elusive quality of light transforms everything around us and it could be so fleeting, so transient. I see the vast expanse of the sky, the solidity of the earth, the stories behind the eyes and I’m compelled to let it guide me through a process that I call my creative expression. My goal as an artist is to inspire those who see my work to discover this magical light in and around themselves.

Although I discovered my creative side when I was just a tiny being, it fizzled out as I entered my adolescent and early adulthood. Growing up, my parents considered art and humanities to be just a hobby, something that you did to entertain yourself. I was taught that one was not to pursue a dream of being an ‘artist’ and instead one should focus on developing a ‘serious’ career. So for many years, I abandoned creating art. Until just a few years ago where I happened to take a fine art class at a local community center and this love of artistic creation was rekindled.

Since the early days of returning to art, I have exhibited my work at several galleries and private exhibits in Aspen, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona. My work was selected as one of 30 women artists to be displayed at the Phoenix Capitol Museum for the “In Celebration of Women” 2022. I have exhibited at the Herberger Art Gallery, the Found:Re contemporary Gallery and a solo exhibit at the Arizona State Vault Gallery for emerging artists and more. I will be the guest curator at the Herberger Art Gallery in February 2023 for a theme that I selected and will jury “Where Music Lives” and currently working on a project for an upcoming solo exhibit in October 2023.