Membership List

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Below is the current membership list for the Boulder Art Association. Your membership keeps the Boulder Art Association running and keeps you up-to-date on the variety of artist opportunities in Boulder's art community. We invite all interested artists to join or renew as soon as you can.

If your contact information hasn't changed, visit our membership page to renew. If your contact information has changed, please download and complete our mail-in membership form. The Boulder Art Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Current BAA Members as of March 13, 2019:

Al Haeger
Alice Renouf
Andrea Roth Moore
Ann Kruglak
Annie Thayer
Aprylisa Snyder
Barbara Kantor
Ben Foster
Boulder Felt LLC
Brian Bush
Caitlin McQuade
Candace Brown
Carol Walker
Catherine McCarty
Catherine Tone
Cindy Britan
Claudia Ringel
Colleen Hoerner
Connie Slack
Corrie Contreras
Cynthia Hinkelman-Smith
Cynthia Peacock
Dar Miner
David Harwi
David Kennedy
David Spohn

Diane Wood
Douglas Green
Dylan Peterson

Ed Narvaez
Elizabeth Cole
Ella Levy
Frances Marino
Fuki Funakoshi

Gaylyn Sarbacher
Hana Smith
Harriet Edelstein
Jackson Carson
Jacquie Vaux
Jane Haflich
Jeanne Kipke
Jennifer Johnson
Jessica Hammerstone
Jo Richardson
Joan Jordan
Joan McCracken
Jorge Oliver
Judi Dressler
Judy Fisher 
Juliette Nelson
Justin Deister
Justine Wolverton





Karen Barela
Karen Barender
Kathleen Heitmann
Kathleen Reilly
Kathy Banich
Laura R. Lerond
Laura Poirot
Laurie Donlon
Lilian Franckyn
Linda Faul
Lorelei A Falsetti

Lori Mattina
Lynn LiCalsi
Margaret Donharl
Marta Wolfe
Martha R. McPherson
Martin Tobias
Mary Byroads
Meredith Weed
Michael Lewis
Michele Algreen
Michelle Kohler
Minna Vallentine
Nancy Kirkendall
Nancy Sullo
Nick McCumber
Padma Wick
Parisa Tashakori
Penelope Sharp
Peter McCumber
Poppy Starr
Ranelle Randles
Ray Geier

Richard Whitman
Robert Lantz
Robert Citarell
Robley Williams
Ron Broome
Russ Davis
Sharon Nichols
Sharon Samson
Steve O'Bryan
Susan Brooks
Susan Soklin
Tari Fickan
Tom Ellison
Verline Geaither
A.J. Keith
Xan Rubey
Xenia Sease
Yvonne Iden

Membership List Boulder Art Association

All active members of the Boulder Art Association receive a free Member Page on our website.

One image from each member appears on the Member Gallery page. When clicked, the image leads to the corresponding Member Page which may display up to 10 images.

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