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Member Meeting December 8 @630pm

Lydia Pottoff - Pastel

Local artist Lydia Pottoff will be giving a live demonstration on making Artists Greeting Cards or Mini Paintings.

Artists Greeting Cards make wonderful, personalized holiday gifts and are relatively easy to produce and inexpensive.

These are traditionally 2.5 X 3.5, so fairly small.

One of the benefits of working this small is that it forces you to simplify, and you can produce them fairly quickly.

Lydia will be working in pastel, but you can work in the media of your choice. Any media; watercolor, gouache, acrylic, encaustic pastel, pencil, pen, and ink, or mixed media are suitable.

Lydia says that she prefers to do mini-landscapes since she can also use them as studies for larger pieces.

But abstracts, florals, really any subject matter is great.

The benefits of painting minis;
– They are quick.
– You don’t waste many materials (in fact, it’s great for excess scraps).
– You can experiment with new surfaces/techniques.
– They can be studies for larger pieces in which you can work out color choices
and composition.

CLICK HERE for the material list for artists greeting cards.

About Lydia:
I seek inspiration in the beautiful patterns, colors, and designs of the surrounding world. Nature offers endless subjects to capture – landscape, still life, and figures – each provides its own unique possibilities. My senses are open to the hidden colors around us; reflected light in blossom, the deep purple of a cast shadow, the soft pink in a winter sky, and the bright red of a maple in autumn. READ MORE.