Megan Morgan

Megan Morgan

Mixed Media



I love to draw, it is the foundation of my art. I’ve explored a variety of drawing mediums; but nothing excites me more than working with my dry and wet tusche washes. I want to give my viewers a new experience when they see my drawings; and this medium helps me to create the images I see in my mind with the emotional impact I feel when I draw.

I also build my own canvases by stretching repurposed coffee bags over wooden frames. I love drawing on the knobbly surfaces with oil pastels – an arduously time-consuming adventure. I enjoy working with these materials because it gives my art unique textures, colors and expression of my visions.

Megan Morgan is a mixed media artist and graphic designer who was born in Illinois, and moved to Colorado in 1986. Megan graduated from Colorado State University in 1995 with a B.F.A. in Fine Art. Megan was hired as a junior designer at Monigle Associates in Denver, CO for 2-1/2 years, then moved to Steamboat Springs, CO for twelve years with her husband Jamie. There she started Strange Bird Designs in 1999, her self-owned graphic design business. In 2012, Jamie and Megan moved back down to the front range and now own/operate Strange Bird Designs together in Louisville, CO.