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Megan McCarthy

Megan McCarthy - Serenity Lies Beneath the Boughs of the Pines
Megan McCarthy
Megan McCarthy




I am a professional artist painting original art and specializing in impressionistic work. I work from photographs, real life and my imagination with the goal of recreating the emotions I experience for my viewers. My success comes not when my art catches someone’s attention, but when it opens gateways from their eyes to their head and hearts.

I struggle with depression, and for me art is medicine. Art is also a powerful communicator and connector. It bridges barriers and brings out our commonalities. My ultimate goal as an artist is for my viewers to experience the euphoria I do when painting. I paint to keep my soul nurtured and nurture the souls of others.

What a gift I’ve given myself to indulge in the joy of creating, and I want to share that gift with you.