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Meet Our Board and Volunteers


The Boulder Art Association (BAA) is a 501 c (3) non-profit organization for beginning, emerging, and professional artists, as well as individuals and businesses contributing to the growth of visual arts in Boulder. Its purpose is to promote the professional growth of visual artists both in the creation of art and the business practices that are essential to marketing and sharing their art. The BAA welcomes all people who like to explore the arts and celebrates the diversity of the arts.


Board Members

Annie Thayer

Education Chair

Maria Pacca

Exhibition Chair

Amber Winston-Squires

Marketing Chair

Hana Smith
Hana SMith

Membership Chair

*Position Open*

Fundraising Chair

Education Chair

Membership Chair


Are you interested in becoming a Board Advisory member or volunteering for one of our committees?
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Board Advisory Members

Susan Soklin

Board Advisory Member

Jo Richardson
Jo Richardson

Board Advisory Member