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Tuesday, May 9, 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Studio Sixty-Five Ninety-Five (6595 Odell Place, Unit H, Boulder, CO 80301)

Studio 6595 Tour with Serge Goldberg & Jean Pless

Serge and Jean’s studio is a unique (approximately 3,000 square foot) warehouse space in Gunbarrel. They will guide a brief studio tour and display of some of their completed paintings. They will then move on to demonstrate a variety of approaches and techniques that each use when starting their paintings. If time allows, Jean will demonstrate how she makes her own cold wax medium which she uses in her paintings. Questions and comments welcome!

Studio Sixty-Five Ninety-Five
6595 Odell Place, Unit H
Boulder, CO 80301
(this is a Boulder Address, but physically located in Gunbarrel)

Serge Goldberg and Jean Pless create large abstract oil paintings on canvas at Studio Sixty-Five Ninety- Five in Boulder, Colorado, often painting side by side. They work with variations of carefully chosen palettes of single pigment fine quality oil paints. Their paintings typically depict the tension between the search for liberation and a response to everyday life experiences.

Serge feels the influence of music, travel, and intense experience in the outdoors experiences in the creation of nonrepresentational images that make some sort of sense, at least to himself.

Jean creates an abstract response to the music in the room, the places she’s been, the things she’s seen, and her life in the mountains.

They enjoy sharing the process of creating the many details of their work, from making big paintings to stretching the paintings on frames they build in the studio.

Serge and Jean invite an intuitive response to the viewing experience. They ask viewers to bring their own interpretations and sensibilities, and to look at each piece with fresh eyes. 

(303) 819-4493