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Marc McClish



Instagram: @marcmcclish



Chroma | ‘kröma | noun | intensity of hue; saturation of a color. 

-scape | skeip | combining form | denoting a specified type of scene: cityscape 

As a technical photographer who is drawn to beautiful light and color, I find great pleasure in seeking opportunities to blend and abstract found scenes. All photographic effects are captured in-camera while on location combining precisely controlled movement with long-duration exposure. These are not post-production Photoshop effects. Many images are created during twilight while nature’s colors change rapidly with the rising or setting sun. I find being present in one place witnessing the morphing intensity and saturation of light and color rejuvenates my spirit. Each photograph holds a memory of a place or person I was there to visit. I craft each Chromascape edition print in my studio perched at 8200’ in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains. ~ Marc McClish