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Lynn LiCalsi

Lynn LiCalsi
Lynn LIcalsi

Mixed Media



Artist Statement

My art is a means of expression for me, whether I am writing, painting, cutting glass, or creating scarfs. I become absorbed in the process and even obsessed by it. Each piece takes me somewhere else, away from this world. My greatest gift is that of childlike imagination—no thinking, plotting, planning—just doing. Whatever happens, happens. I love experimenting with color and shape. I overcame hard times in my life by immersing myself in art.  Art allows me to make space for intuition and linger there for a while.

Artist Bio

Lynn LiCalsi grew up in New York and now lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Her studio reflects her energy, as there are several projects in progress at a time: painting, glass, or textiles. Shows include Naropa: Faces, where she interviewed and painted a portrait of a homeless man. The purpose of that show was to put a face on people who live differently. She is a member of the Boulder Arts Association, and both her glass and paintings have been shown at several Colorado Juried Art Shows. Lynn was the album artist for the New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble’s albums/CDs Live in Gouvvy, Break Thru, and In the Moment.

Lynn loves teaching Latin during the day and gets great joy and inspiration from her students. Her energy is matchless. Lynn’s favorite Latin author is Vergil because of his ability to paint a scene with words, and her favorite artists are Modigliani and Chagall.

Lynn’s work includes Glass, Painting, and Textiles.  Lynn often works on commission, creating special glass pieces or paintings for individuals who want something unique—something that expresses their ideas and reflects their passions.

Ars Gratia Artis – Art for the sake of Art is her mantra.  Her work is whimsical and happy.