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Lori Mattina

Lori Mattina

Acrylic and Mixed Media



Passionate about celebrating life through painting, I find joy in experimenting with acrylics and mixed media.

Musicality is the undercurrent in my painting, and vibrant color the driving force. Together they allow me to express rhythm, harmony, tension, and contrast to portray the dynamic beauty I perceive all around me.

With curiosity and playfulness I embrace the chaos and unpredictability of dripping, spraying and slathering colorful paint on canvas. My brushes, sponges and gooey fingers tell stories inspired by nature, travels, dreams, and a child-like imagination. I allow my subconscious to guide my free-flowing process, as layer after layer I both obscure and excavate, until a narrative unfolds. My paintings often change quite significantly from beginning to end, which is an exciting part of the adventure, and the resulting tale of discovery.

I hope through my painting to share the wonder, beauty and gratitude I feel to be alive on this earth today.