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Mixed Media





Artwitch and Creatrix Khiri Lee creates work steeped in sacred, ritual and performance art. Using mixed media and movement, she is inspired to work with myth and deities that are archetypically relevant in modern life. Each piece she creates is infused with intention. Each painting is a building block in a new mythos, chipping away at the old paradigm and creating a mythology unique to her place in the world. The result is a personal language of color, texture, rhythm, and beauty reflected in mixed media paintings, installation art, dancing, and zines. She has a BA in Art History and 10+ years experience using community theatre to educate and create safe environments for the next generation of artists, performers, and leaders to express themselves. Heavily influenced by her time with the non-profit Turning the Wheel Productions, Khiri weaves embodied movement into her ever evolving art practice. She is the creator of the zines T H R I F T W I T C H, 52 Feathers, and 52 Facets. Each issue is filled with evocative mixed media art, combining magic, ritual, & history in an intimate format. She is inspired to re-myth life through paint, movement, and color.