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Judy T Fisher

Judy Fisher
Judy T. Fisher

Acrylic, Wood Carving & Wood Sculpture


My Granite Series consists of extreme close-ups to capture the hidden colors, textures and shapes that a broader view might pass over. The figures joined with the landscape in my Granite Series demonstrate our union with nature. The shapes appear and disappear depending on the viewer’s perspective.

Every time we take a step in the woods, on a trail or through a meadow, we are leaving our imprint. Our time spent outdoors should be refreshing, nurturing and instructive – not destructive. This goes beyond the “leave no trace” philosophy, as I believe people should pass through nature invisibly.

Memories are abstract visions and emotions. Light, reflection, shadow, color, movement and shape are all parts of the puzzle, but it is our emotions that cause us to remember. These images are often quite different from the actual time or place we experienced.

My memories are filled with mountains, granite, trees, bark, dried grass, sand, water, shells, driftwood, living creatures and wild weather – all inspirations for my art. My Pacific Northwest upbringing and my current Colorado mountain living fuel my fires of creation.

I am currently working in three mediums:  Acrylic Painting, Wood Carving and Wood Sculpture.

Please email me for further information.  Thank you.