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Jill Rumley

Jill Rumley Pastel
Jill Rumley

Oil & Pastel Artist


Inspiration: The inspiration for my artwork comes from what I see in the world, the moments in time that seem to slip away quickly. 

I believe I have a colorful view of the world, both with the liberal use of color and the color of my humor. I want the audience to feel lighthearted and experience a sense of being entertained. 

Depending on the medium I am using, my painting technique will vary: 

My oil paintings are bold and ask the viewer to stop and look. I build up texture using a technique called “impasto” painting using a gel-like medium mixed in with the paint. I apply the paint to the canvas using a palette knife, where I often blend and mix colors directly onto the surface.

With soft pastel, my paintings are soft and serene landscapes that invite the viewer into the scene. Once I block in the basic shapes and underpainting colors, I use an alcohol wash to blend the colors and set the pigment to the UArt 400 sanded pastel paper that is mounted to paperboard.