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Jill Musser

musser-jill-colors of sherbet

oils and acrylics



I use acrylic or oil paint to create my art. I find that I can achieve certain heavier, textural effects with oil and then a different, more transparent effect with acrylic. Using acrylic is more conducive to making marks and adding decorative effects over the paint.

You will see that I frequently use analogous color combinations, often staying in one color family with accents in opposite colors. My abstract work expresses peaceful, soft themes, hence many  soft edges and soft color. As in life, I like to express ideas in paint that do not feel harsh or strident. My florals express the beauty and uniqueness of many varied flower subjects and nature themes.

I decided to become a full-time artist in 1985, but I have had creative interests for much of my life. In today’s world, the 21st century offers so much more exposure of art to everyone, which has truly exploded the opportunities for artists to reach larger and larger audiences. And it is easier than ever for the general public to see and choose from all kinds of art.

Some of the great artists of our past including, Vasily Kandinsky, Joan Mitchell, Georgia O’Keefe, Mark Rothko, Joaquin Sorolla, Nicolai Fechin are all inspirations for my process. Each of these offer some special way of expressing art, and it seems that through the ages the many influences keep our creative fires burning and evolving.

I believe humanity is better off to have as much art as possible, in any and every form. Art is the one thing that lasts and is treasured the most. Hence, I paint because I want to be part of this contribution to our world. I constantly see and feel things that I want to express on canvas. It could be thoughts about color, or random forms and shapes that I believe add beauty and interest to our experience.

When people respond to my work, it is very thrilling to feel the personal communication that transpires. I always feel that I have reached an inner sanctum when this happens. I like to think that a painting will provide a needed focal point or pizazz in an otherwise bland room. I hope that people find an inner peace, an appreciation of quality in life, or an aesthetic satisfaction through my art.

I am honored to be communicating through my artwork. It is a tremendously exciting and rewarding lifetime endeavor.