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Jenny McCarty




Instagram: @sage_leaf_studio

Pinterest: @sageleafstudio

As a nature artist deeply committed to a career in ecology and water resources management, my artwork is a heartfelt reflection of my extensive scientific studies of wildlife and ecosystems worldwide. Through the lens of decades of experience, I aim to capture the intricate beauty and challenges faced by the natural world. Having transitioned from oils and acrylics to watercolors, I’ve found their vibrant, playful, and organic qualities align with my dedication to sustainability. This medium not only enhances the safety of my artistic practice for myself and my family, but also has a much smaller impact on the environment. Recognizing the singular importance of our planet, my art serves as a visual narrative that explores the delicate interplay of wildlife, ecosystems, and the awe-inspiring nature that is vital to our well-being. With a background rooted in nature conservation, I believe art has the power to foster awareness, drive action, and inspire positive change. Each piece I create is a deliberate attempt to elicit a visceral response from viewers, inviting them to feel inspired, empowered, and educated. In challenging the conventional approach to nature art, I aspire to encourage fellow artists and nature enthusiasts to adopt more sustainable choices in their creative and consumer practices. Together, as stewards of nature, we can minimize harm and contribute to brighter future for our shared home.