Jeanne Kipke

Jeanne Kipke



For far too many years, while working full-time as an elementary school teacher, I allowed art to become a low priority in my life. I still felt like an artist – until I didn’t.

I started questioning myself: How am I an artist if I’m not really doing any art? (And cool art projects done with the kids doesn’t count.)

Coming to the conclusion that Artist is a verb, I started adding in more opportunities for creating art. Retiring from teaching certainly helped – but even then, it took me a while to dive in.

Currently I’ve been working with chalk pastels and enjoying the challenges of drawing with live models. I’ve painted primarily with acrylics but have an oil painting in the works. I’ve explored with watercolors, collage, silverpoint and more. I have a thing for color pencils and love sculpting with clay.

Thank you for checking in with me. For more art, please visit my website!