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Janet Glovinsky

Sculpture/Oil Painting
 Janet Glovinsky – Portfolio of Works

I work making sculptures (bronze and resin) and paintings (oil), to explore and express insights about life.  Inspiration comes from exploring both an inner landscape and traveling through a variety of geographical and cultural landscapes around the world.  I have been constantly amazed by the flow of human history that took place for each of us to be alive today.  I generally express this appreciation in symbols.   For example, the abstract, long legged, bronze figures represent the journey of thousands of years that came before each of us who exist today.  In paintings I often use words with color to depict the dynamics of psychological situations.

I understand that if one great, great grandmother had made a different choice, her small decision might negate my living in this place and time.  I tried measuring the distance between Pinocchio and Mars, bird feathers and Tokyo, Auschswitz and love, and decided to make my marks of suffering and contentment into art.