James D. Rolen



James D. Rolen

As an artist I am, mainly, drawn to landscapes. Nature is a great model. It will stay posed for you as long as you want.

God has already made Nature beautiful so I don’t have to change it or give an impression of it. I can just attempt to show that beauty. It is my style of painting to always try to keep it as detailed as nature its self has. I like to think that people viewing my paintings can almost feel that they are at that spot seeing what I have tried so hard to show. America is a beautiful land and every where you go you can find spot after spot that should be painted. Then, hopefully, that spot can not fade away, if only in our minds, no matter what man decides to do to it!

With painting landscapes, you can view beautiful spot after beautiful spot and then you can either paint that spot for others to see or compose your own beautiful spot to paint and who knows – there could, maybe, be a spot(even close by) just like you imaged and painted. In the Rocky Mountains that’s probable, not just maybe!
Please enjoy my work!




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