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Get Your Own Member Page

All members of the Boulder Art Association receive a free Member Page on our website. Members may display up to 10 images on their page. In addition, one work from each member appears in the Member Gallery. When it is clicked, an image in the Member Gallery leads to the corresponding Member Page.

If you’re a member and you’d like to have your own Member Page, send any of the following to

  • Up to 10 images of your artwork (see below for image requirements)
  • A list of the artworks’ titles
  • An image of yourself
  • The media that you work in (i.e., watercolor, pastel, textile, sculpture, etc.)
  • An artist’s statement (in an attached document)
  • The URL of your website(s)
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • The title of the work to be featured in the Member Gallery directory (horizontal or landscape-oriented images work best)

All of these information items are optional. You are not required to provide any information that you don’t want published on your gallery page.

Image requirements:

  1. Each image should be no larger than 1MB (1,000KB), including the image of yourself.
  2. Use the following guide to name each image file:
    • lastname-firstname-medium-title-of-the-artwork
    • It doesn’t matter how many words are in the title, just be sure to separate each word with a hyphen.
    • Try to use a single word to describe the medium, but if you need multiple words, separate them with hyphens.
  3. Specify a single image to be featured on the Member Gallery directory page.
  4. We will not make any changes to the images you send, so make sure it looks exactly as you want it to appear.*
  5. Try to include as many images as you can in a single email.
  6. If you can, please send the images as attachments, not inline in the body of the email.
* A note about images on the Member Page: The background on this page is white and there are no lines around the images. If your artwork has a white background, there will be no visible borders between the images on your page. If you wish borders to appear between images, you must add a border to each image you send us. 

New pages and updates:

  • We will update the Members Pages every three months, at the end of January, end of April, end of July, and end of October.
  • You can send in your images anytime and we will hold onto them until the next update.
  • If you already have a Member Page and you wish to change the images on display, please send all the images you want to appear on the page (resend any that are already on the page). We will delete all of the current images on your page and replace them with the ones you’ve sent most recently.