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Christopher Hoppe

Christopher Hoppe

Oil Painter


As a child, I remember drawing on the walls of my bedroom and getting into so much trouble. My parents supported my artistic talents by paying for private tutors, supplies and classes.

Over the years, I learned that my grandmother, my father’s mother, had artistic talent and so I follow in her footsteps. I find it important to continue to paint and create art pieces to carry her dream.  Both my father and grandmother have passed but I immortalized them in my art and my heart.

Each piece carries my training, research of materials and my love for life!  My art is like collecting visual poetry or short stories full of vibrant color and beauty.

Part of my soul is in each painting and my goal is to bring happiness to my collectors through my visual splendor.

Currently, my art studio is located in Arvada, Colorado.  My art is showing in Ethan’s Gallery and Studio in Old Towne Arvada, Colorado.