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Christine Springer




Phone: (303) 956-0900


Instagram: #cspringerart

From my studio, I see only nature. This is home, my center, and it informs my art tremendously. Being in nature is vital for my work as an artist and as a psychotherapist. While I paint both in my studio and en plein air (outside in the open air), I am lately consumed with painting information that comes from my “Mind’s Eye.” These paintings may appear to be surreal, like drifting memories, but they are actually based on themes and symbols occurring in my day-to-day life. Recently, while running the trails near my home in the foothills of Colorado, a fox crossed my path. The next day, it happened again. Then again. Because I run alone to clear my head and work through ideas for paintings, I considered that first sighting fortuitous. The reoccurrences, however, soon felt like an omen. I began to study and paint the fox. This is how I live, how I work and how I paint; I immerse myself in the mystery of life from many angles to gain perspective and grounding.