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BAA September Member Meeting

An Improvisational Painting presentation with artistic duo Roxana Astemborski and John Shively 

Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Time: 6pm-8pm

Location: R Gallery & Wine Bar – 2027 Broadway, Boulder, CO

September’s Member Meeting was a blast! Rox and John’s sense of creativity and fun was contagious. 

With an open invitation to join in, several artists at the event picked up a paintbrush and added their own touch of color, line and form to the painting in progress. Rox spoke about how sharing a creation can free up an artist who may be experiencing blockage, or feeling boxed into a specific style or technique. Each unique brushstroke added to the whole – even those that were painted over, around, or skillfully smeared/wiped, giving texture and movement to the piece.

Being at R Gallery contributed to the fun and inspiration. We were surrounded by original art, enjoying our (purchased) drinks and each other. With focus on the creation of art, conversation was easy and inspiration was strong. In the end, I left feeling the buzz of an “Artist’s High” (similar to a “Runner’s High”, but easier on your knees). All in all, a perfect end to a fabulous evening.

Roxana and John will be demonstrating an improvisational painting ‘duet’—come join us and get ideas on how to collaborate and refresh your creativity! 

Roxana is a mountain girl and John lives in Boulder. John got an M.F.A. in 1981 from CU and was an Adjunct Professor at DU for the 1982 winter and spring semesters.  He then became a creative recluse. Until he met Rox. Rox paints as a process of mind and relationship. In their duet, Rox has the ideas and John renders.

In their opposite corners, Astemborski and Shively make a dynamic pair as they lean around each other, adding paint to the canvas, their focus intense. The painting is a winding abstract piece of work. 

Shively, who has been painting for 45 years, suggested they paint as a pair, seeking to expand his own work by adding someone to refresh his process and bring new life to his work. Astemborski, training to be a therapist, focuses on the communication/relationship process and sees their artistic practice as an exercise in letting go. “He makes decisions, I make decisions and certain things are gone forever,” she says. “You have to adapt quickly,” Shively agrees. 

We will also have a brief member meeting right at 6 pm. Bring a 5-word description of your artwork to share with the group as we go around and make introductions. We will then hear about our December 2022 Member Show from Exhibition Chair Maria Pacca. 

After the presentation by Rox and John, we will have time to mingle and sign up for committees that you would be interested in serving on. Refreshments will be available for purchase at the Art Bar.