BAA 2019 Member Show @ R Gallery - Boulder Art Association

BAA 2019 Member Show @ R Gallery

This year, Boulder Art Association is proud to hold it’s member show and sale at Boulder’s newest fine art gallery, R Gallery. We will take over the gallery for one week in November to display your works in downtown Boulder, just steps from Pearl Street.

Open to all current members of the Boulder Art Association
(Need to become a member? sign up now)

EXTENDED DEADLINE for REGISTRATION: October 28th, midnight

WHEN: Show: Tuesday, November 19th thru Sunday, November 24th
             Opening Night Celebration: Thursday, November 21st, 6-8 pm
WHERE: R Gallery, 2027 Broadway at Pearl St.


  • Participants BAA membership must be current
  • Registration fee: $35
  • Participants must volunteer for a 2-hour block of time during the show
  • The BAA will be accepting 2 art pieces from each member (One or both may get into the show depending on numbers):
  • The first can be no larger than 25″ wide (including frame)
  • The second is a small work: Eg. 5×7″ or 6×6″ – No larger than 36 sq.inches (excluding frame)
  • Artist may also bring: 2-3 wrapped, matted prints or original art to be placed in a shared bin (flat, no frames) and up to 20 cards to be placed in R Gallery’s card rack
  • All art, bin work and cards must be labeled on back with artist’s name, phone number, art title, medium and price
  • Registration form completed and emailed to: by midnight on October 21.
  • Family friendly art
  • Artist will receive 50% of sale; 30% to R Gallery; 20% to BAA
  • NOTE: R Gallery has final word on whether to display each piece.


  1.  Download registration form here. BAA 2019 Member Show Registration Form
    Fill in the required fields, save, and email to by midnight on October 21.
  2.  Pay Registration fee of $35
    PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!
  3.  Select a shift for the required 2-hour volunteer block by visiting our page.


Did you know…

  • R Gallery is Boulder’s newest fine art gallery and is committed to providing local artists a first class space for showing and selling their work.
  • R Gallery is located on Broadway half a block from the Pearl Street Mall where it gets lots of foot traffic – visitors from all over the world stop in to check out the art!
  • R Gallery features current art from local artists.

Stop by and see what all the excitement is about!


Why only 25″ wide for the largest piece? R Gallery has limited space. In order to guarantee all participating members get in the show, we had to limit the size and number of pieces.

Why does R Gallery get 30% for any pieces sold? R Gallery staff will be handling all sales, extending their hours for our opening night celebration, plus putting up and taking down our art. The going rate for downtown galleries is 50% of each sale. Both R Gallery and the BAA are taking on lower percentages of sales so that the total amount does not exceed 50%.

Why do artists need to volunteer? The BAA is run entirely by volunteers. While gallery staff will take on any sales, they are not all members of the BAA and are not responsible for answering any questions that may come up about our organization. Gallery volunteers will have access to history and other details about the BAA along with informative bookmarks to hand out. We are also requesting support with marketing before the show and help during the opening celebration.

Why did the fee go up from $25 for last year’s show to $35? Last year’s Member Show was at Elk’s Lodge, an obscure location far from downtown. R Gallery, half a block from the Pearl St. Mall, has more foot-traffic, which means more people to view and potentially purchase your work – from out of town visitors to locals.
As you know, everything is more expensive downtown. Last year’s show at Elk’s was only for a Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday. At R Gallery, our show will be open for 6 days plus the Thursday night opening.
(If the BAA was to try to pay for a venue in downtown Boulder for 6 days and hire staff to run the event it would cost members MUCH more than $35!)
NOTE: 100% of fees goes to the BAA to be used towards show expenses, such as $50 ribbon prizes, marketing, flyers, opening night treats and more.

What is meant by “Family Friendly” art?  The statement, “Family Friendly Art” was not intended to dissuade any artist from producing artwork that is political or challenging, nor does it exclude all nudes. However, because families with children often visit the gallery, we want visitors, tourists and locals of all ages, beliefs and practices to feel welcome. Our intention is to only exclude art featuring extreme violence or other strong imagery. While the Elk Lodge was large enough to provide an area specified for adult themes, R Gallery is not.

Why does R Gallery have the final word on art to display? The BAA and R Gallery are working in partnership, however R Gallery is a business establishment, and may reserve the right to decide what will be displayed within the venue. R Gallery will work with the BAA board to determine appropriateness of artwork to be displayed.

What if one of my pieces are rejected? If upon or after drop off, a piece is deemed inappropriate, we will contact you and request that you bring in a different piece. If a replacement piece cannot be provided, we will return all your work and refund your registration fee.
If you are unsure about a specific art work, please email us at: with an image of the piece attached.

Thank you everyone! We look forward to seeing. celebrating your art!

The BAA – Run by Artists, for Artists