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BAA Member Show at the Museum of Boulder

December 3, 2020 – February 1, 2021

The BAAaaa Show is a playful reference to a long ago BAA exhibit which was advertised with an image of sheep beneath a speech bubble saying, “BAA” (See image below) . The Museum Of Boulder was interested in hosting a BAA show because of our place in Boulder history so we thought it would be fun to incorporate this idea along with the tagline “As Seen In & Around Boulder”.

Each participating artist will enter 2 pieces of work:

1) 8” x 8” BAAaaa panel: Each registered artist will get an 8×8” panel for creating a SHEEP-inspired artwork for the entrance of our MOB show (Paint, collage, wax… Surprise us!) Panels will be provided to each participating artist.

2) In & Around Boulder: This is the show’s main exhibit of any recently created work in your own unique style, medium, interpretation – open to anything in and around Boulder that inspires you: – buildings, views, people, animals, still-life… What does Boulder inspire within you?

Where:  The Museum of Boulder  2205 Broadway, Boulder CO 80303
When: Dec 2020 – Feb 2021
Who: All BAA Members (Membership must be current)
WHAT: The BAAaaa Show: In & Around Boulder featuring two Themed pieces (Sculpture & Mobiles welcome – However must be cleared with Exhibition Committee with regards to size/weight & placement)

Show dates: Thursday, December 3, 2020 through Wednesday, February 1, 2021
Drop off at MOB: Tuesday, December 1st. (Exact time TBD)
Hanging: Wednesday, December 2, 9am-5pm
Opening reception: None due to COVID-19
Artist demo date/s: None due to COVID-19
Pick up from MOB: Tuesday, February 2, 9am – noon
Please note: Pick up late fee: $25.00 for late pick up unless other arrangements have been made with BAA beforehand.