Art Venue Opportunity At FirstBank

The Boulder Art Association is currently looking for member artists to show their art at the FirstBank at Baseline and Foothills.


Sharon Samson

Art by Sharon Samson

Meadows On the Parkway
4770 Baseline Rd #100
Boulder, CO 80303


Diane Wood

About the Venue:


This unique venue has 3 floors to display your art – All three floors get a lot of traffic:

First Floor – On the first floor we need 9 pieces of 2 dimensional art in various sizes. The manager of the venue asked that the 9 pieces of art have some sort of continuity. The 9 pieces of art on this floor can include one large painting with the remaining 8 pieces of various sizes 16″ x 20″ up to 18″ x 24″. Hooks have already placed in the wall by the building management and we need to hang art at these hook locations.

Second Floor – On the second floor we need 9 additional pieces of art. Again these 9 pieces of art should have continuity and should be in sizes between 18″ x 24″ and 16″ x 20. This floor has the same situation with hook locations.

Third Floor – On the third floor we need 4 additional pieces of art. Once again, on this floor, continuity should be maintained with similar sizes and hook locations.


For information on showing your art at the FirstBank venue in the future, please contact Diane Wood.






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