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Annie Thayer

Annie Thayer Watercolor Artist
Annie Thayer

Watercolor Artist



My artwork is inspired by a deep love of nature.  In my paintings, I hope to capture a moment in which aspects of nature come alive with heightened focus – the light sparkling on water. . . dark clouds foreshadowing a storm. . . reflections on a calm lake.

Often my travels are motivated by a desire to paint in a beautiful setting. I am drawn to different places because of the culture and people there, and a desire to open up to new experiences. Traveling with my sketchbook, pens and paint, I look forward to quiet times in which to observe and record what I see and feel.

One of the things I love about watercolor painting is the playful nature of it. I am fascinated with how the paint moves and flows, creating a sense of motion and energy. I find my most interesting paintings are those I don’t try to control, when I can remove the need to “produce,” and instead let my joy and a sense of discovery lead me into the painting.