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Angie Baker Mural
Angie Baker - Oil & Acrylic
Angie Baker

Oil and Acrylic



With my early painting inspiration coming from illustrators and muralists such as, Maxfield Parrish, a painter of fantastical landscapes, cloud formations and vibrant colors (Parrish Blue), and NC Wyeth, a painter of bigger than life imagery and gloriously colored depictions of history, I was committed to painting engaging, vibrant and painterly murals since I was in my twenties.  Realizing that Fine Art takes many forms, and has been commissioned from artists for centuries, even those famous artworks such as the Sistine Chapel and The Last Supper, painting by commission afforded me a wealth of experience with a paintbrush and a livelihood.  With a BFA in Painting, I am very grateful to have had many commissioned illustrations and large-scale murals.

My current portfolio of work shows interior and exterior paintings, painterly and trompe l’oeil in style.  I offer interior murals by commission.  However, after seventeen years of presenting creative art projects to elementary-aged children in schools, I am ready to concentrate on painterly mixed-media expression, with or without commission.  Please visit my mural website and also stay tuned for updates with photo representation of this year’s new artwork on this Boulder Art Association Member Page.