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Ala Park

Mixed Media & Encaustic



We are never too old to set another goal or to dream; and no matter where we are from, our dreams are valid. This is the philosophy held by artist and designer, Ala Park, who hails from the Republic of Moldova. No stranger to the pursuit of her own dreams, Park was first educated as a medical doctor, but her passion and propensity to create led her to pursue a career in interior design.

After studying art and design in her native country she has worked as an interior designer, fashion designer, and artist since 1990. Being an interior and fashion design professional with over 20 years of experience providing exceptional care to clients, demonstrating a history of earning clients’ trust by utilizing excellent customer service skills, anticipating individual’s unique needs and delivering competent and complete services, her work received national and international recognition, both independently and in conjunction with well known Moldovan architects.

Aside from her interior design interests and skills, she is an accomplished mixed media artist, her talents truly know no bounds. In 1994 Park has even gone so far as to create an entirely new medium, repurposing discarded fish bones into delicate scenes. The upcycled bones are painted and skillfully placed against a dark velvet background, breathing a new life into the fish. Her fish bone art has been well received in America, and shows in galleries and juried exhibitions across the country. Park finds joy in artistic expression no matter its creative form, but she is particularly fond of textiles, the craft arts and encaustic painting.

When the opportunity for permanent US residency presented itself in 2011, Park relocated to the Denver area. She began studying at Colorado Heights University (CHU) where she successfully presided “Dreamers Ink”, CHU Art Club for over 2 years. She now resides in the mountains of Boulder, with a custom art studio and sewing workshop, and endless possibilities.