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Showing Now through March 4 at Cafe Aion

Boulder Art Association Presents 5th Grade Foothill Elementary Art Exhibit at Cafe Aion

Investigating Design and Craftsmanship
Cafe Aion – 5th Grade Foothill Elementary Art Exhibit
January 30th through March 4th 2024

Artist Statement
This art demonstrates our exploration of design with drawing and printmaking. Each stained glass window was planned on ¼” graph paper. The images were then brought to life with color on plastic sheets. Black was used to represent the soldering process and to define the shapes in our compositions.  The frames were created with relief foam plates and white ink. The goal was to create a design that would connect to the stained glass window and demonstrate our attention to the difficult process of creating multiple prints from a printing plate. Enjoy!


William M.



Celebrating the Future of Art with Boulder Art Association’s Youth Exhibitions 

The Boulder Art Association (BAA) is thrilled to continue our  unique series of art exhibitions aimed at celebrating and nurturing the talents of future generations of artists within our community. In our ongoing efforts to support and promote local art, BAA has partnered with the esteemed Cafe Aion to display an inspiring collection of artworks created by the bright young minds of our local schools. 

Starting this February, the walls of Cafe Aion will become a vibrant showcase of creativity and imagination, featuring the works of 6th-grade students from our elementary schools. This special exhibition not only highlights the raw talent and artistic potential of these young creators but also marks the beginning of a three-month journey dedicated to supporting the artistic endeavors of our youth. 

As we transition into March, the focus shifts to the imaginative worlds of middle school students. This month-long showcase will delve deeper into the developmental stages of artistic expression, displaying a wide range of styles and mediums that reflect the personal growth and evolving skills of these young artists. The exhibition will offer a glimpse into the future of art through the eyes of our community’s middle schoolers, highlighting their unique perspectives and creative aspirations.

 April ushers in the final chapter of our youth art series, with an exhibition dedicated to the works of high school students. This month will celebrate the refined talents and sophisticated artistic visions of our older students, whose artworks often explore complex themes and demonstrate a higher level of technical skill. 

This exhibition is a testament to the dedication and passion of young Boulder artists, showcasing their readiness to take their place in the broader art world. 

At BAA, we believe in the power of art to inspire, educate, and bring communities together. By providing a platform for young artists to display their work in local venues like Cafe Aion, we are not only celebrating their achievements but also encouraging their continued growth and development. 

These exhibitions are a reflection of our commitment to supporting the future generations of artists, offering them the recognition they deserve and the opportunity to share their art with the wider community. 

We invite everyone to join us at Cafe Aion over the next three months to experience the incredible talent of Boulder’s young artists. This series is more than just an exhibition; it’s a celebration of creativity, growth, and the promising future of art in our community. Come and be inspired by the passion and potential of these young creators as we support them on their artistic journeys. 

For more information about the exhibition dates and featured artists, please visit the Boulder Art Association’s website.

Join us as we support the vibrant future of art in Boulder!

The exhibit is curated by Jeno. Interested in showing your art? Click here to apply online today.