🐝 Excited!

BAA is BUZZING with the news of our next member show called “What’s the Buzz?” The July show will be held at our new show gallery “The Gallery at @ the Bus Stop Apartments” located at North Broadway in Boulder.

Member artists are invited to create two pieces.

1. 8×8 panel inspired by bees: Spread your wings, let your fancy fly and have fun!

2. Main Showpiece:: What’s happening in your world? What inspires, engages, uplifts and/or stirs you? What’s on your mind, personally, locally or globally?

2D and 3D pieces welcome! (No size restrictions, however, please contact us at info@boulderartassociation.org if you are thinking of something “outside the box” so that we may confirm whether or not we can accommodate your piece..)

More information will 🐝 revealed as the hive-mind Exhibition Committee finalizes the details.

BAA membership must be current for 2021 to enter any BAA Member Shows.