Membership List

Please Renew Your Membership For 2017!

Below is the current membership list for the Boulder Art Association. Your membership keeps the Boulder Art Association running and keeps you up-to-date on the variety of artist opportunities in Boulder's art community. We invite all interested artists to join or renew as soon as you can.

If your contact information hasn't changed, just use the PayPal link to renew. If your contact information has changed, please download and complete our mail-in membership form. The Boulder Art Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Current BAA Members as of June 4, 2017:

Aleksandr Kushner
Alice Renouf*
Allyson Sands
Ann Kruglak*
Anna Kuzminsky
Annie Thayer
Astrid Paustian
Benjamin Foster
Betsy Cole
Betty Ann Clark
Blair Chandler
Bobby Avery
Boris Carrasco
Brandon Schawel
Cait McQuade
Calvin Whitehall
Camille Scott
Carol Walker
Carrie McGarry
Catharine Woods
Catherine Bender
Cecy Umberger
Christine Jarvis
Colleen Hoerner
Cora Bracho-Troconis
Corrie Contreras
Crucible Communications
Cynthia Hinkelman-Smith
Cynthia Peacock
Dale Mitchell
Darwin Miner*
David Kennedy
Denise Schwartz*
Diana Tripp
Diane Bramble
Diane Rakocy
Diane Wood
Dori Stickles
Ed Narvaez
Elena Coca*
Ellen Nepustil
Ellie Friedman
Ethel Calderin
Frances Marino
Francie Thomas
Gail Edwards
Gina Luciana*
Gretchen Acharya
Harriet Edelstein
Jan Archuleta
Jane Friday
Janis Buck
Jean Riordan
Jeane Woods
Jennifer Johnson
Jim Rolen
Jill Salva
Jo Richardson
Joyce Harris

Joe Beakey
Judith Martin
Judi Dressler
Judy Sprague
Karrie Steely
Kathleen Lanzoni*
Laura Prill
Laurie Lee Adams
Leroy Martinez
Lev Kushner
Lindsay Ternes
Lorena Kauffman  
Lori Mattina
Lynn LiCalsi
Laura Prill
Linda Scott Faul
Lindsay Ternes
Margaret Donharl
Margaret England*
Margie Palmer
Marilyn Mull Fead
Marilyn Pinaud
Marta Wolfe
Martin Cash
Mary Ellen Friedman*
Maria Wakefield
Maya Kushner
Melissa Byers
Melody Fuller*
Meredith Weed
Michele Algreen*
Nancy Sullo
Natalie Touchberry
Nikolay Rizhankov
Paula Breymier*
Paula Eldridge*
Penelope Sharp*
Ray Geier
Rebecca Groff
Robley Wlliams
Robynn Balduf
Russ Davis
Ruth Kear*
Sharon Samson
Sharon Solomon
Sheila Peck
Sherry Seltzer Kreutzer
Stephen Collector
Susan Brooks
Susan Foster
Susan Soklin
Suzaine Smith
Suzanne Frazier
Sydney Miller
Tom Heywood
Tom Weeks
Toni Brock
Xenia Sease

Membership List Boulder Art Association

All active members of the Boulder Art Association receive a free Member Page on our website.

One image from each member appears on the Member Gallery page. When clicked, the image leads to the corresponding Member Page which may display up to 10 images.

Find out how you can get your own member page here.

*If you see an asterisk by your name (and would like to receive occasional email from us), please make sure Membership has your most current email address. Thank you!