GALLERY Procedures


President: Sharon Samson
Secretary: Cait McQuade
Treasurer: Linda Bice

Board Members

Lorena Kaufman
Sara Schuel
Gretchen Archuleta

Advisory Board

Rod Swanstrom
Dianna Tripp
Marta Wolfe

Education: Mary Lee Hill
Marketing: Sara Schuel
Membership: Jane Elvins



  1. Show Coordinator will verify that a waiver is on file for the artist BEFORE accepting any artwork.
  2. Verify that the art work is equipped with appropriate wall mounting hardware and labeled with Artist Name, Medium, Title, Price
  3. Record artist name , art work info and price in the ART SHOW LISTING form
  4. Accept the art work.
  5. Provide the artist with printed sheet containing info on ART SHOW CHECK OUT (Show end date, Art Work Pick Up Date, Person and phone number authorized to pick up artwork.


  1. During the designated pickup times/date the SHOW COORDINATOR will monitor the pickup, including proxy check out. Ensure that the artist signs ART SHOW LISTING form indicating that the artist removed artwork.
  2. Released unpackaged art work to the artist. Many artists have preferences in the way certain media is safeguarded in transport. Consequently. BAA will no longer be packaging art work.
  4. If an alternate person has been authorized by the artist on the ART SHOW LISTING to pick up work, release to this person with valid ID.
  5. In special cases (sickness, travel), an artist may be unable to pick up work on the pickup date. During the 15 days following the PICKUP DATE, an artist may make special arrangements with the SHOW COORDINATOR. During this time, all artwork will be stored in a locked area.
  6. If artwork is not picked up in the 15 day period, the artist waives the rights to the art work. Our space is limited so unfortunately BAA is unable to accommodate storage of art work.

BAA is responsible for:

  1. Hanging art work
  2. Hosting an artist reception
  3. Facilitating sales. Artwork in the BAA Gallery is sold with a 20% commission
  4. Issuing a check for sold art work within 7 days of SHOW END DATE


Any active member may submit small art work that will be sold in the BAA Gallery Gift Shop.

  1. GIFT SHOP COORDINATOR will check in work by artist and number of pieces prior to the BAA business meetings. The submitted pieces will be for sale during the balance of the quarter (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall).
  2. Each submitted piece will be labeled with artist’s name and price.
  3. The artist will submit an inventory sheet with all pieces listed with sales amount. Blank inventory sheets are available at reception desk and BAA web site. The GIFT SHOP COORDINATOR will update Pickup date on form.
  4. Completed inventory sheets will be filed in 3-ring binder on front reception area. Tab = GIFT SHOP
  5. Gallery sitters complete a sales receipt for GIFT SHOP Sales and record sale on artist inventory sheets sales.
  6. Artist may check out gift shop work at business meetings, typically January, April, July, October meetings. See GIFT SHOP COORDINATOR only to check out work.
  7. Checks for gift shop sales will be issued on the last day of each month. Sold work with the proper paperwork will be compensated. If no inventory sheet exists, BAA will assume it is donated work.